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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

For all your 3D Modelling, Detailing, Fabrication, Delivery, and Installation Needs

Are you paying 3 Companies to get your Project built.

  1. The Detailer

  2. The Fabricator

  3. The Delivery & Installation Team

Do you just want 1 Invoice for the lot, if the answer is "YES" You have come to the right place.

3DSDS can now offer the One Stop Shop for your 3D Modelling, Detailing, Fabrication, Delivery, and Installation needs. This is how it works: -

1. Send over your Project information including the Structural Engineers Calculations and Connection Details. 2. We send you a quote for the 3D Modelling and Detailing Work, Steelwork needed for your Project, Fabrication, and Delivery and Installation Costs. 3. You sign the documents and we start on your Project as soon as possible.

What will you get:-

3D Online Viewer Link so you can look around your Project. No sign up required just click on the link. Example link

GA's showing Isometric Views and Plan of Structure, Elevations, Sections etc Assembly Drawings Single Part Drawings BOM Lists (Bill of Materials) NC & NCDXF Files for CNC Machining All Fabrication Documentation will Identify you as the owner because this will include your Company Logo as standard.

If this is something, you need, then please feel free get in touch. Email: or call: +44 (0) 74 8194 0018

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