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3DSDS was founded by Teresa Benson-Shettle in 2018, and the main mission was to provide affordable professional services to the Construction Industry.

Having been in the construction industry for over 25 years with experience using AutoCAD R9 to 2024, Advance Steel, Revit, Creo Elements, FreeCAD, SolidWorks, Draftsight 2D and SketchUp and many more.

3DSDS uses the latest AUTODESK Software:-

Experienced in producing 2D, 3D, Structural Detailing, Range Design to JSP 403, Planning Drawings and QMS for ISO9001 standards.

Teresa is also aware of the frustration software can bring to people and this is why she decided to work for a company for 5 years teaching and supporting AutoCAD and Advance Steel.


In her years as a Structural Technician and Project Engineer she has worked on various projects for construction that have been located all around the world.

Everything we do for our Clients are bespoke, i.e. all elements are modelled to their requirements.


Over the years the projects have included the following:-

3D Printed Projects,


Bespoke Metalwork (Cage Units, Chairs, Park Benches, Shelving Units, Tables),

Fire Escape Staircases (Spiral and Straight)

Mezzanine Floors,

Portal Frame Structures,

Residential and Commercial Steelwork,

Sheet Metal Work,

Shooting Ranges (MOD),

Timber Frame Structures,

Telecommunication Towers.

When Teresa started the Company her vision was to provide a professional affordable service in the Steel Industry and as a company work closely with our clients to produce the design and fabrication drawings with all the necessary documentation using the specifications provided.


3DSDS will firstly produce drawings for approval once approved we will complete the project and issue all the necessary documentation and drawings for fabrication and if required we can offer Structural Calculations as we can use independent Structural Engineer.

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