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Making the Right Connection

Focus on the detail and branding

When starting a venture the most important consideration is where do we get our clients from and this leads to marketing and then ‘corporate branding, what image do we use to represent our new fabulous commercial offering? In other words, the LOGO, that will be on all our communications, the website, our business cards, etc.

We can spend hours agonising over this and many of the biggest, well know brands, just use their names, such as IBM, Coco Cola, Facebook, Sony with some clever typesetting and those iconic brands don’t actually, immediately, in isolation, say what they deliver or stand for, however everyone knows them and that’s because they have a huge worldwide marketing machine behind them to build the picture of who they are and what they offer but what about the rest of us small independent companies, how do we identify ourselves and what we stand for in a single image without that monster marketing machine behind us?

We need a story telling graphic that says in an instant what we do.

When starting 3D Structural Detailing Services, 3DSDS, it was important to say what we deal with and so, after several behind the scene iterations we decided on an image that we thought would clearly show what we worked with and that is structural steel members, SHS’s, I beams, CHS’s, etc. so the Square, I, Circle brand was born together with the versions of our name.

As we have worked closely with our clients, iterating on designs, making details and steel connections that work, what became apparent was the most important of all the connections we worked with was the connection with our clients. The collaboration and active communication that make the finished design and as always, it’s all in a days work.

Our new logo is, hopefully, communicating that whist we work with steels members, it’s all about making good connections both structurally sound ones but also solid connections with our clients.

Please feel free to comment on our new logo and if you would like to make a good connection with us we would look forward to working with you on your next project.

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